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Terms and Conditions


  1. Payment
  • booking without payment card details
  • multiple payment options
  • we accept payment in PLN, EUR, USD

1.1. Standard Rate (Reservation can be canceled within 10 days of arrival):

  • the cancellation is free of charge 10 days prior to the date of arrival
  • payments should be made online or by bank transfer 10 days before arrival
  • payment details will be sent via email after booking
  • if the payment is not made within 10 days of arrival, the reservation will be canceled
  • within 10 days before the date of arrival, cancellation policy applies ”Non Refundable policy”

1.2. Non Refundable Rate:

  • payments for reservations should be made online or via transfer within 24 hours
  • payment details will be sent in an email after booking
  • payments for reservations should be made online or via transfer within 24 hours
  • payment details will be sent in an email after booking
  • if the payment is not made within 24 hours, the reservation will be canceled
  • for the non refundable bookings are no cancellation or changes possible. In case of a cancellation, 100% of the total amount will be charged as cancellation fee.


  1. Check-in

The apartment rental day starts at 2PM ends at 11AM the following day.

Red Kurka Apartments do not have a reception desk on location. Check-in can take place on the arrival day at a time arranged in advance between starting at 2PM  Early check-in / late check-in is subject to availability and must be agreed in advance. You can get  the keys in the key box in front of the apartment

During check-in the customer receives keys to the apartment (apartment A – 2 sets of keys, apartment B – 2 sets of keys, apartment C – 1 set of keys).

  1. Check-out

Check-out can take place at a time confirmed in advance until 11AM. The exact time of check-out must be arranged no later than during check-in.

If the customer does not check out at the time arranged earlier with a Red Kurka Apartments employee, the customer will be charged 100 PLN plus another 100 PLN for every 30 minutes of delay. If a Red Kurka Apartments employee decides that the delay is seriously disrupting the functioning of Red Kurka Apartments, especially the meeting of the terms of agreement with other customers, a Red Kurka employee will be authorized to remove all belongings of the customer from the apartment. The customer is solely responsible for their belongings left in the apartment and therefore removed from it in such case.

  1. Children

When it comes to children’s stay, we cannot put an extra bed, apart from a baby cot. If you would like a crib, a high chair, a potty, electrical contact protection for free. If you need service, please contact us in advance.

  1. Animals
  • Only non-aggressive dogs max 5 kg can stay in the apartment.
  • Animals should be kept in the owners’ rooms.
  • Accommodation of animals involves the following security measures: it is forbidden for animals to stay without supervision of the accommodated guest (owner or accompanying person), animals may not rest – lie on the bed or other objects that are used for rest. Animals should not be bathed or washed in baths, showers or sinks, the equipment used to prepare and serve food to guests cannot be used to feed dogs and other animals.
  • Liability for property damage caused to the hotel by the animal is borne by the guest or the owner of the dog. If the bedding in the room where the animal is staying will be dirty (fur, mud) or damaged, the owner is obliged to buy the entire set of bedding at the price of PLN 100 / pcs. Dog owners are required to clean up waste left behind by dogs in and around the apartments
  • No animal should be left alone in the room if it disturbs other guests during this time and for no more than 20 minutes. All damages to the property of the hotel or other guests caused by the animals will be valued by the apartment’s management and the owners will be charged.
  • For not informing the apartments’ employees about having an animal in the room, a fine of PLN 100 will be imposed.


  1. Damage to the apartment

During check-in the customer receives to their disposal a fully equipped undamaged apartment. The customer is required to check the contents of the apartment. Should any damage be discovered after check-in, the customer should immediately report them Red Kurka employee. In such case the damage will be fixed as soon as possible and the customer will not be held responsible for such damage.

The customer will be held fully responsible for any damage to the walls, furniture, appliances of the apartment that happens during their stay and will be charged for their repair or replacement as well as a fixed handling fee of 200 PLN. The total will be added to the bill and must be covered by the customer immediately during check-out. In case of serious damage a detailed report will be prepared during check-out and will be the basis for covering the claim. The customer is financially responsible for the damage, not materially – we will not accept the replacement of damaged property on the customer’s own initiative.

Smoking is strictly prohibited on Red Kurka Apartments property. Should smoking occur, the customer will be additionally charged the equivalent of the standard price of a one night stay at the apartment for the thorough cleaning of the apartment.

For damage done to the wall art the customer will be charged 1000 PLN per piece.

For the loss of keys the customer will be charged 100 PLN for each lost set of keys.


  1. Apartment features

Red Kurka Apartments are fully furnished, and have a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Each customer receives a set of bedsheets and towels.


  1. Terms of use

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the apartments.

The customers are obliged to use the apartment and its contents in accordance with their function and purpose. The customer is fully legally and financially responsible for any misuse.

The customer is forbidden to further sublet the apartment or accommodate more people than the number stated in the reservation. For each additional person accommodated at the apartment, the customer will be charged an additional 100 PLN per night.

The apartment can not be used by the customer for purpose of profit or for any activity illegal under Polish law. In case of the occurrence of such activity, the customer will be checked out of the apartment immediately and will not be entitled to the reimbursement for the remaining days of the reservation. Red Kurka Apartments will also not be held responsible for any such activity that takes place during the stay of the customer.


  1. Responsibility of the customer

Red Kurka Apartments will not be held responsible for any harm or loss sustained by the customer during the customer’s stay at Red Kurka Apartments. This applies especially to harm or loss which is the result of misuse of the apartment’s contents on part of the customer. The customer is fully responsible in this matter, and hereby declares the possession of appropriate and valid health and life insurance.


  1. Responsibility of Red Kurka Apartments

Red Kurka Apartments are obliged to:

  • Meet the terms of agreement with the customer, especially to make available a fully functional, clean apartment supplied according to the information provided on the Red Kurka website.
  • Clean the apartment ahead of the customer’s check-in.
  • Be available over the phone between 8AM and 7PM (and at other hours in case of sudden emergency) and resolve problems within a reasonable time-frame, should such occur.
  • Negotiate partial or full reimbursement of the price of the provided service in justified cases, when problems reported by the customer are not resolved and result in a major loss of quality of the customer’s stay at the apartments.

The responsibility of Red Kurka Apartments will never exceed the full price paid for the service to Red Kurka Apartments by the customer.


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